Sports video edits made simple!

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Amplify the Moment.

Edit sports videos like a PRO! See why it's worth downloading:

Easy to use editing timeline

Four easy to use timelines that show where graphics, stickers, play-by-play commentary and sound effects are located within your video.

  • Download Videos and Photos from your iPhone directly into the APP
  • Touch screen provides ability to move selected graphics with the touch of a finger
  • Ability to preview your video during the editing process
  • Scrub bar allows easy navigation from start of video to end

Amazing animations and stickers

Easily integrate animations and stickers within your video.

  • 32+ animations to enhance videos including Get Your Popcorn Ready, Money, Fire Trail, Dropping Bombs, Fire Frame, and Lighting Strike
  • 52+ sports-specific stickers for basketball, football, baseball, and soccer
  • Ability to use the Path Function to follow balls in motion or players running across the screen with effects such as Streaks, Glow Balls, Fire Steaks, and Smoke

Integrate sounds of the game

Add play-by-play and sounds of the game to your highlights.

  • Add one (or a few!) of 200+ professionally recorded play-by-play calls, crowd cheers, sports organ music, and other sound effects to your videos
  • Kick off your career as an announcer and record your own calls

More Features

Ready to edit like a PRO? Get ready to Amplify the Moment with these additional features.
speed icon

Control speed of your video by slowing it down or speeding it up.

organ sounds icon

Add your choice of 10 classic organ sounds, including "Charge!" and "Boom-Boom, Clap!

record icon

Record your own play-by-play calls and control where they appear on your video timeline.


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